Somewhere in the Bolivian Amazon

Trinidad See the photos is a tropical town in the North of Bolivia, located in the Amazonian department of Beni. The capital of Cercado province profits from a hot and wet tropical climate throughout the year (24.9°C on average), marked by strong precipitations during the summer months of the southern hemisphere.

Trinidad is the economic heart of this area, which primarily lives of agriculture, breeding of cattle and exploitation of natural resources of the Amazonian basin. The city is a pleasant urban center whose development progresses little by little over a green virgin natural space. Like the majority of the Bolivian towns, one can appreciate the historical heart, heritage of Jesuit missions, builds around a small central place animated by the ceaseless ballet of motorbikes.

Trinidad is the starting point for tourist excursions to discover the extraordinary plants and animals in the pampa See the photos and in the Amazonian jungle (numerous bird species, pink dolphins, piranhas...). A boat trip See the photos on one of the many rivers of the region is a good way to enjoy the beauty of the wild nature. With the experience from excellent local guides, one can share unforgettable moments while meeting isolated Indian families living in the jungle See the photos .

One can also benefit from the ecological tourism while going in the few balneal centers and ports of the surroundings.


Historical milestones

In 1686, the Jesuit father Cipriano Barace founded the town of Santissima Trinidad on the edges of the Mamoré river. After having undergone many floods, in 1769, the city was moved approximately by 15 kilometers to the edges of the river San Juan.

In front of the central place, the cathedral was built in 1931 on the same site as the Jesuit church of Santissima Trinidad.


Excursions around Trinidad

  • Bath centers of Puerto Almacén and Puerto Barador
  • Fishing and trade harbors: Ballivián, Loma Suárez and Laguna Suárez