What to see in Bolivia?

Titicaca Lake

  • Copacabana: place of pilgrimage, basilica of XVIIe, calvary, nautical family center.
  • Sacred islands of the lake
  • Craft work of reed boats on Suriqui island
  • Huatajata: on the road between La Paz and Copacabana, the favourite haunt for salmon trout connoisseurs.

Historical vestiges

Archaeological vestiges from the preincaic time

  • Archeological site of Tihuanaco (registered by UNESCO)
  • The preincaic fortress of Samaipata (registered by UNESCO)
  • Dinosaur footprints in Cal Orcko (Sucre)

Archaeological Inca vestiges

  • Horca del Inca et Ba˝o del Inca (Copacabana)
  • Island of the Sun: Pilkoka´na site, palace, large stone staircase, and Inca fountain
  • Temple of the Virgins on the Island of the Moon
  • Inca burials on the Kalahuta island

Legacy of a rich colonial history

  • La Paz: capital city, home to the executive power. Historic buildings and museums, cathedral, churches.
  • Sucre (registered by UNESCO): constitutional capital and seat of the legislative power. cathedral, churches and convents, text of the constitution exposed in Casa de la Libertad.
  • PotosÝ (registered by UNESCO): silver mines of Cerro Rico, churches, museum of Casa de la Moneda
  • Santa Cruz and the circuit of Jesuit missions (registered by UNESCO)

The Andean Cordillera and the altiplano

  • Andinism and trekking in the highest andean summits: Sajama, Illimani, Illampu, Grupo Condoriri, Parinacota, Huayna Potosi, Acotango, Licancabur, Mururata.
  • Descent in the Yungas: Choro and Taquesi treks (to Coroico), Yunga Cruz (to Chulumani)
  • Chacaltaya glacier and Miluni laguna
  • Sajama national Park
  • Salar of Uyuni: the largest salt desert of the world and giant cacti of the isla de Pescadores
  • Sur Lipez: Deserts of rocks and multicoloured lagunas (Laguna Colorada, Laguna Verde ...), paradise for pink flamingos and vicunas
  • Valley of the Moon and Muela del Diablo (La Paz)

The warm tropical regions

  • Valleys of Yungas: Coroico, Chulumani, down the Death road with a mountainbike
  • Zongo Valley
  • Santa Cruz and excursions around the city: sand dunes of Lomas de arena, Amboro national park
  • Noel Kempff Mercado national park (registered by UNESCO)
  • Trinidad and Rurrenabaque: Discover the fauna et flore in the pampa and Amazonian jungle, boat excursion on the rivers, fishing piranhas, night observation of the caimans in the marshes...
  • Valle Grande and La Higuera: on the traces of Ernesto Che Guevara