Crossing of tourists and pilgrims

The small town of Sorata See the photos is located 2700m above sea level in a valley at the foot of the Cordillera Real. It is around 4 hours drive (on unmade road) from La Paz. Having successfully retained some of the charm of the colonial period, Sorata provides a tranquil location, surrounded by dense subtropical flora, in which to rest.

Below the giant palm trees of the little central square, one can easily fall under the charm of the snow-covered peaks of the majestic Illampu See the photos summit (6400m). As you savour a few minutes (or hours!) of peace and tranquility why not sample one of the tasty, freshly-pressed fruit cocktails?


San Pedro cave

San Pedro cave See the photos is located approximately 10km from Sorata. It takes around two and a half hours on foot, along the track leading to the small village of San Pedro. With very little traffic, only the luckiest hitchhikers will manage to return to Sorata by vehicle!

San Pedro cave has a small underground lake with deep, dark water. Thanks to a local generator, there are lights in the cave, however it is recommended to carry your own flashlight, just in case...


Starting point for trekking

For the more adventurous, Sorata is also the starting point of other trekking and expedition routes to the Cordillera Real (circuit of Illampu, tracks of Mapiri, etc...).