01 New year's day national  
01 Religious celebration Achocalla (La Paz) Folkloric dances
2nd Sunday Return of the Magic kings Various provinces of Beni Folkloric dances
06 Epiphany national  
24 Alasitas La Paz Artisan fair of miniatures
02 Celebration of Virgin of Candelaria Copacabana & region of Titicaca, Samaipata, Aiquile Religious pilgrimage
February Carnival national, Oruro, Santa Cruz Parades
09 Jisk'a Anata Carnival La Paz Folkloric dances
10 Civic anniversary Oruro (department holiday) Tourism and cultural fair
2nd Sunday Phujllay festival Tarabuco Folkloric festival
19 Celebration of San José Quillacollo, Beni, San José mine (Oruro) Bonfire, music and folkloric dances, fireworks
23 Day of the sea national  
March - April Holy week Copacabana Religious processions
March - April Holy Friday national (holiday) Religious processions
April Agriculture fair Huari (Oruro) Foire
15-16 Civic anniversary Tarija (department holiday) Parades, popular feast, rodeo Chapaco, tourism and cultural fair
01 Labor day national (holiday)  
03 Day of the cross national Folkloric and artesan attraction on Suriqui Island (Titicaca), religious celebrations in Santa Cruz
03 Tinku Macha-Chayanta (Potosi)  
25 Civic anniversary Chuquisaca (department holiday) Civil and military parades in Sucre
27 Mothers' day national  
May-June Celebration of Gran Poder La Paz Large folkloric parade
June Holy Trinity Trinidad Religious celebration
June Corpus Christi national (holiday) Religious processions and dances in Potosí
06 Teacher's day national  
13 San Antonio Cochabamba Religious processions and folkloric dances
21 Inti Raymi Tiwanaku Celebration of the "Winter" solstice
24 Saint Jean national Bon-fires on the coldest day of the year
29 San Pedro Tiquina (La Paz)  
July Entrada Universitaria La Paz Défilé folklorique des universités
July Danse of the Blacks Chicaloma (Yungas) Folkloric dances
16 Civic anniversary La Paz (department holiday) Civil and military parades in La Paz
16 Virgin of Carmen national, especially La Paz Folkloric dances
23 Day of Friendship national  
25 Celebration of Santiago Quime (La Paz) Religious processions and folkloric dances during a week
31 San Ignacio San Ignacio de Moxos (Beni) Religious processions and folkloric dances
02 Peasant's day national  
05 Virgin of the Snow Italaque (Cochabamba) Religious processions and folkloric dances
05-06 Virgin of Copacabana Copacabana Religious processions and folkloric dances
06 Independence day national (holiday) Civil and military parades
10-13 San Lorenzo San Lorenzo (Tarija and Santa Cruz) Religious processions and folkloric dances
14-16 Virgin of Urkupiña Quillacollo (Cochabamba) Religious processions and folkloric dances, fair of miniatures
15 Ascension of the Virgin Mary national Religious processions and folkloric dances
15 Virgin of Chaguaya Chaguaya (Tarija) Religious processions
16 San Roque national Dogs' day (decorated with ribbons)
21 Saint Joaquín San Joaquín (Beni) Folkloric dances, fireworks
24 Saint Bartolomé Potosi Religious processions and folkloric dances
24 Los Chutillos Potosi Folkloric dances
1st Sunday San Roque Tarija Processions and folkloric dances
05-13 Celebration of the Nativity La Paz San Francisco Cathedral
08 Virgin of Guadalupe national, Copacabana, Viacha, Sucre, Valle Grande Religious processions and folkloric dances
14 Civic anniversary Cochabamba (department holiday) Fair of tourism and culture
14 Exaltation of the holy cross national Religious processions
21 Day of Love national  
21 Student's day national  
24 Civic anniversary Santa Cruz (department holiday) Civil parades
24 Civic anniversary Pando (department holiday) Civil parades
29 San Miguel Uncía (Potosí) Folkloric dances (tinkus)
1st week Virgin of Rosario national Religious processions, Folkloric dances, fireworks
2nd Sunday Virgin of Guadalupe Tarija Parade of horseriders with the regional suits
11 Anniversary of the battle of Bahia (Acre war) Pando  
12 Anniversary of the discovery of America (Columbus day) national  
12 Day of the Race national  
20 Foundation of La Paz La Paz  
24 San Rafael Mining district of Santa Fe (Oruro) Folkloric dances
01 All Saints day national (holiday) Decoration of tombstones in the cemeteries
02 All Souls day national Decoration of tombstones in the cemeteries
1st Sunday Virgin of Socavón Oruro Processions, first dancing practice of the participants of the next Carnival
10 Civic anniversary Potosí (department holiday)  
18 Civic anniversary Beni (department holiday) Tourism and cultural fair in Trinidad
30 San Andrés Santa Cruz, Taquiri (Cochabamba) Processions, folkloric dances
03 San Francisco San Francisco (Santa Cruz) Folkloric dances
03 San Javier San Javier (Beni) Folkloric dances
08 Immaculate Conception Cochabamba, Santa Cruz Folkloric dances
24 Christmas eve national  
25 Christmas national (holiday)